Nicolás Said (Buenos Aires, 1995) currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.

After graduating in 2016 with a degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires, he enrolled in the Visual Arts course at the National University of Arts. In 2019, he was selected to participate in the ArtistasxArtista artist training programme, run by Fundación el Mirador. In the same year, he won first prize in the drawing category of the National Small Format Salon, Casa Camacini.

He has several fairs and exhibitions to his credit: Llaverguoqui (Galería Constitución, 2021), Tegumento (Fundación El Mirador, 2021), Pacífica Mordida (2020, PM Galería), Rocío Englender & Nicolás Said (2020, La Verdi), Peluscencias (2020, Munar), Lo hago por necesidad (2018, CC Matienzo).

RESIDENCY: 4 - 24 JULY 2022

Nicolás Said's artwork compels us to stare. In times when images constantly invade us, this resistance to a light gaze is quite distinct. Even if, while distracted, we were to pass Nicolás' works by, as if they were nothing, the visual impact flaring into sight would be so intense that we would just have to step back and rest our sight, as if it were a silent obligation. Singular creatures, bond between diverse folklores, symbols devoid of meaning, faceless masks, mushrooms, fluids and castles inhabit these pieces. Their motionless dance results from the tensions that unfold on the sheet, as if it were a battlefield.


«Magnetic». That is the term I used to describe Nicolás' work when I first saw it. Like a kid watching a horror movie, covering his eyes but peeking through his fingers, I just couldn't take my eyes off it. These dark materials seemed at odds with such an engaging young man. Well, it seems that this engaging young man is the only one capable of creating such a unique universe. It requires intuition, love and faith to immerse oneself in this game. Imagination is not enough, commitment is essential.


That commitment is exactly what is expected of us when we face one of Nicolas’ artworks. His drawings are a map, a game without instructions, a key. In them we wander freely, threading this world and whatever we bring along. The whole is elusive: when we think we have access to it, some detail makes us gravitate our focus to another spot, again and again. However, the unknown is not arbitrary randomness. On the contrary, it is the sophisticated mechanism that creates the secret. It is that which summons us to keep looking. This is the enchantment.


Jubán Cnochaert, June 2021